Friday, December 31, 2010


So the idea behind "The Homeskillet" blog page is to chronicle our (my wife to be She-Ra and myself) culinary adventures here in Tucson and most of Southern Arizona. Believe it or not, Tucson has some of the most diverse and down-to-earth cuisine I have ever encountered...and this coming from a guy who was born and raised in California, spending 12 years in San Francisco and working in various restaurants in the city by the bay.

My worthless degree in theater, along with "dabbling" in film school, combined with years of being a music journalist and heavy metal DJ, only simmered down to one thing: I love to eat and I love to cook. Now, at age 40 (weird), settled down and far FAR more focused than I have ever been, the foyer into food and cooking obsession has taken hold and now I want to share my experience (along with recipes, restaurant and bar reviews and our trials and tribulations with getting our own food truck business off the ground) with you guys.

Trust me. Years of being broke, getting by, experiementing and being the perverbial guinnea pig has taught me one thing: Flavor is out there, nutrition can be had and, overall, cooking is not only a necessity but a fun and amazing option that you don't need to break the bank over. I got by and ate well for yeeeeears, cooking for roommates and, sometimes, girlfriends, with a budget of pennies and (usually) seemed to impress. Meld that with my experience as a cook in a very popular restaurant here in Tucson and coming out as a die-hard fooder, along with She-Ra's unbelieveable skill in our tiny kitchen (and mine too...thank you very much) we have accumulated way too much good stuff not to share. Not to mention the fact that we like to eat out as often as possible and are unapologetically obsessed with the whole Groupon thingy, we tend to explore the neither regions of the culinary underbelly of the Old Pueblo, and beyond, with a verve, a decent buzz and a grumbly-tumbly to which I can't just keep to ourselves.

So join us, dear readers, who are hungry for even more food blog goodness, interested in what we think about your local dive and four star eaterie, and, above all, wanna know how we created that amazing dish that we just status updated on Facebook recently. This is what it's all about, right? In the age of mass communication I plan on actually communicating with the rest of the world in what we are doing in our tiny corner of the kitchen, table and bar top in Southern Arizona.

And when we do some travelling, you'll hear about that too...

OK, I have to stop typing. The pot is boiling, the glass is about empty and I'm sure you're all "Ugh...lame intro to yet another food blog. Just get on with a recipe and tell me what you think about that that new taco joint that opened down the street."

I'm on it.

Just keep reading...

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  1. Have to get a rss feed of this so I can know when you update! Can't wait to see what you post!