Monday, February 14, 2011

Step by step: The best cheeseburgers ever!

Step by step: how to make amazing and (as close as we can get it) healthy cheeseburgers.

Here's the thing. A goal of ours when we cook, and is the focus when we finally get our food truck and restaurant up and running, is to create and offer super yummy comfort food without all of the grease and over salted crap and gloop that usually comes along with it. That and the whole personal trainer option “comfort food” that is pretty much a sandwich the size of a poker chip, a thimble full of wine and some low-carb side dish that tastes like that paste you used when you did art stuff in the 3rd grade. No way. All that wackness can suck it. We all like to eat, we all want good grubby fare at the end of a long day or work week but we don't want to suffer the battle of the bulging neck or gut flab because of it. Well, my dear readers and feeders, we have come up with a savory, home style, just like you remember after school post eating that gross paste in the 3rd grade style of burgers that is delicious and not too bad for you, fat grams and calorie wise.

You ready? Here is the shiznit.

You will need:

1 pound of lean ground beef

1 yellow onion

I packet of onion soup mix

6 slices of fat free American cheese (trust me, Kraft puts out a decent product and melts really well)

6 small hamburger buns

Lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, ketchup and mustard to your own liking.

Now, for the step-by-step:

Pre-heat the oven to 425.

In a good sized bowl, mix the beef and onion soup mix together.

Line a square 8” x 12” casserole pan with wax paper and spread the burger mix until it is shaped like the pan. Once it's all squarey and stuff, remove the burger mix and set aside.

Thinly slice the onion and spread it around the bottom of the casserole pan. Once the bottom is covered in onion, take the squared meat and flip it on top of the onions, using the wax paper as a vessel to do so. Be careful, this step can be a little tricky. And messy. It can be tricky and messy.

Bake for about 15 to 20 minutes. The meat should be shrunken by a third and look, well...cooked.

Remove from the oven and cover the beef with the cheese slices. Then bake for an additional minute or two, melting the cheese just enough to keep its consistency.

(this picture does the burgers no justice...the taste and smell is unreal, plus I'm not much of a photographer after a She-Ra cocktail)

Once everything is cooked and looking like a big cheeseburger casserole, cut the beef into 6 squares, place on the buns and serve with your favorite condiment and side dish.

Yum! Super awesome cheeseburger goodness, almost like a beefed up slider or White Castle burger. You'd think fat free American cheese would suck but, hey!, we're going traditional here and trying not to load up on oily trans fat. And it tastes good too along with being good at being all melty and stuff.

There you have it Homeskillet fans, our best and favorite way to cook burgers. Hope you like them just as much as we do. Now I'm inspired to make these right now. Why?

Because, dude...I'm so hungry right now!

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