Monday, April 4, 2016

The 2016 4th Avenue Street Fair: A Food Photo Retrospective!

Yes kids, it was that time again: The pre-summer 4th Avenue Street Fair, that three day stretch of food, art, food, weird household bits you never thought you needed, food, beer, food, more beer, bad tattoos, more food, heat stoke, some guy that only paints pictures of sad clowns, excessive amounts of food and beer and, of course, fun for the kids!

It's sort of a right of passage for us Tucsonans to attend/deal with the fair, mainly because it can be totally fun while at the same time be a complete pain in the butt.

You know what I mean right?

Sure there's lots of food to be eaten and gifts to be purchased, but there is the usual insane amount of people, most of whom walk exceedingly slow, and "art" that looks more like the kind of glop you'd see in some defunct buffet trough shanty that serves up drippy ham dejection to those in overalls and elastic waisted jeans.

But let's not focus on the poopy things about the fair, shall we? No!

We at the Tucson Homeskillet had a great time eating our way through the crowds and smoke and here is just a sampling of what we got into.

Check it out...

It can't be called a "fair" if they don't serve funnel cakes...right?

Just add water! 

These lil guys were actually very tasty

Just a fraction of the salsa booths that lined 4th Avenue

Smoked bacon candy? You had me at "It'll give you night terrors!"

Meaty treats that are neat to consume

Piles and piles of deep fried...everything

Steamed noodles and veggies was actually a nice break from the meat heavy fare

Beefy dudes beefin' it up

Unicorn droppings...on a stick

This guy's cobbler was solid

And my Patronus is a sack of pork cracklins

Sooooo much kettle corn, like soooo much

Deeeez spiced nuts?


Not food but tasty indeed, our good friend Monica who owns the Rustic Candle Company enjoying the smell of smoking pork

Work those them!

Too much going on in just one picture

Dry rubbed and slow cooked, this stuff was awesome


And...more meat!

A well needed video game respite courtesy of Generation Cool was enjoyed after the grilled carnage we were enduring 

And then...more meat!

Honestly, La Indita served up some of the best food that day, a welcome break from fried bits and weighty smoked flesh

And, of course, you always have to get your cup of free water, courtesy of the 4th Avenue Church to wash it all down

Thanks 4th Avenue Street fair....see you next time!

Eating, Typing and Camera
"Metal" Mark Whittaker
First Few Days in April, 2016

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